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Dr. Stephen Grooms

Dr. Grooms started learning about Chiropractic when he was in his High School.


“I was given the opportunity when I was entering high school to be part of a program developed by HOSA (Health Occupational Students of America). Our curriculum allowed selected students to leave campus and shadow various health professionals in our community. I was assigned the chiropractor and never looked back.”

Dr. Grooms earned a degree in Biology from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, Ga.

My Story

Dr. Grooms was active growing up and continues that trend today. He played and coached soccer collegiately and continues to coach locally with NOW Soccer Academy.


"While I played soccer in college, I had a few injuries that could have set me back for a long time. Fortunately, Chiropractic care helped me stay healthy and got me back on the field quickly. I was blessed to have great chiropractors help me through those times!


Chiropractic is proven to improve quality of life and prevent injuries BEFORE they occur. Obviously, some injuries are not preventable, and I am available and willing to provide care to anyone in need. I believe that all people should have access to chiropractic care, and I hope to provide that for all of the families with whom I am involved."

Dr. Grooms has been passionate about chiropractic since he received his first adjustment and has been actively studying and learning about the profession for over 15 years. He has a truly unique story with experience in over 20 chiropractic offices and clinics.

"Ever since I was first adjusted, I began developing my philosophy. Many great chiropractors have allowed me to shadow and learn from them. I was able to work with Chiropractors all throughout my high school and college years. My chiropractic learning really took off when I was introduced to Dr. Gerald Johnson. Dr. Johnson has taught me things that only experience can prepare someone for. I'm forever grateful for all he has done for me. He raises the bar for chiropractic care with his knowledge and expertise. I've worked with many amazing doctors and I am blessed to have met them all. I've been blessed that God has put so many great people in my life to guide me."

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